Why Have a Hobby

Why have a Hobby?

Hobbies are activities that one enjoys doing in one's spare time. Common examples of hobbies include reading, drawing, listening to music, watching TV and movies, collecting as a hobby ,or discovering the world by traveling as a hobby , even leaning new helful habits as, cooking,  or sewing as hobby  with topics as  craft and art collecting first-day items, indoor sports  and outdoor sports, telling stories and many others. Are all good resons to have a hobby.
Many people are not aware of the benefits of hobbies and they consider hobbies to be waste of time and efforts. Hobbies are not fruitless activities; they do have many benefits. We will now discuss the benefits of hobbies and answer the question “Why have a hobby?”.

Benefits of hobbies:

Following are some of the benefits of hobbies:
· Relaxation:
The first benefit of hobbies is that they give you time to relax. They reduce the levels of stress and help you to relax by diverting your attention from problems and issues that are causes of stress for you.

· Fitness:

Second benefit of hobbies is that they promote fitness and good health. Physical hobbies like sports hobby and dance as a hobby  are a great way to exercise your body. They help you lose weight, reduce levels of cholesterol, improve blood circulation and strengthen your muscles.

· Mental health:

Third benefit of hobbies is that they improve your mental health and increases your decision making power. Hobbies like chess need strategies to win and this keeps your brain working. They keep your mind active and creative. Research has shown that people who have hobbies have lesser chances of losing memory in old age.

· Social networking:

Fourth benefit of hobbies is that they help you in social networking. Hobbies help you meet new people and to make new friends. You meet new people while playing outdoor sports such as golf, tennis, or soccer.

· New skills:

Fifth benefit of hobbies is that they provide you opportunities for learning new skills. These skills can benefit you in your job and other spheres of life. For example hobbies like painting and drawing improve your creativity. Improved creativity will make you more innovative.

· Career

Sixth benefit of hobbies is that they can help you in getting jobs. Your hobbies will represent your traits and skills to your potential employers. For example, if a company needs employees with good analytical skills, it will look for applicants who play chess and other similar games. If it needs people with innovative minds, it will look for applicants who maintain painting or drawing as hobby.

We have discussed some of the benefits of hobbies. We have also mentioned a few hobbies and their specific benefits. Other popular hobbies include bodybuilding, belly dancing, coin collecting, fishing, horse-riding, meditation, mountain climbing, playing music, scuba diving, dancing, swimming, travelling, writing, yoga and many other.

Why have a hobby

So why have a hobby in our hectic world of today, because any hobby can be useful in helping you find a balance between work and relaxation. This provides more self-confidence and makes you a more interesting person.  That is why you should have a hobby if you don’t already have one, and if you have one that you don’t take seriously because you never had the time or money to pursue. My intent is to help you find that passion back in your hobby.
The main thing to keep in mind is not how to keep yourself away from a stressful situation depending on your lifestyle or age, but how to develop a good balance with an ideal hobby between the things you wish to explore during your time for relaxation.
We’ve all come to this world to achieve a purpose other than just earning money. Money is important to make society flow but don’t be lead astray, find time to understand yourself more by seeking after an inspired path in discovering a hobby that fits your soul. The hundreds of creative hobbies there are, can be categorized into six main styles, outdoor, indoor, or a combination of the two, collectors, performers, and creators. In the real world, any hobby can be useful, depending on your positive outlook to that hobby. Hobbies can give you something to talk about to others or on meeting new people with the same interests help you avoid the feeling of boredom, and learning something new helps in keeping your mind alert and active. Those of us who are lucky enough can even make or have a hobby as a source of income.

How to Choose a Hobby                               

Choosing a hobby shouldn’t be difficult, that’s why I say choose one that fits your soul. No one knows you better than yourself, so how does your hobby fit your nature? A hobby should be something you do without feeling that it must be done, there should be free will in doing it, you can compare it with falling in love or when you’re busy with your hobby the everyday worries and stress just have no time in your mind. So to start, make a list of what you enjoy doing that also suits your needs, then consider how much free time and money you can devote to that enjoyment. For example, I have over 25 years, collected stamps, postcards, that are still in a shoe box, and photographs of friends and family which have never really been put into any kind of order because I never got round to sticking them all in an album,  but now because of digital software I have been able to make a wonderful scrapbook to show off and preserve  my collection .
There are many websites with hundreds of web directories, and links on how to find an ideal hobby. 

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